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Friday, May 7, 2010

Organic Roof Top Gardens in Brooklyn NY

Rooftop Farms Brooklyn may not be the first place you thing of when ROOFTOP gardens come to mind ... BUT Roof Top Farms grows pumpkins, peas and other produce - organically.

" ...The garden, 15 m above the Greenpoint sidewalk, is like a peaceful oasis in an otherwise throbbing industrial district. ..."

" ... Rooftop Farms project started in 2008 ... About 90 tonnes of specially mixed soil from Philadelphia was spread on the roof in March 2009 ... The garden users receive organic waste for their patches from the restaurants who by some of the vegetables, enabling them to avoid the use of artificial fertilisers."

Other benefits include controlling water runoff and less water treatment needed as well as possible reduced heating / cooling loads on the buildings.

Via: Sustainable Cities  LINK

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