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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bio-Beetle Green Rental Cars - Hawaii

When in Hawaii you can rent a car from Bio-Beetle - their mission statement is " ... be the "GREENEST", and "BEST", rental car company on the planet."

In addition to biodiesel from 100% vegetable oil they use " ... earth friendly coolants, synthetic engine oil and non toxic cleaners ... 100% recycled or tree free paper ... organic cotton uniforms, and recycled items when obtainable. ..."

Via:  Eco-Beetle  LINK

Saturday, June 26, 2010

GenGreen® for all Your Green Needs

Want to be more green and not really sure where to start?  Making good progress and want to kick it up a notch or two?  Need inspiration or answers to questions ?
" ... goal ... to be the most comprehensive and diverse resource available for people looking to live ... environmentally conscious lifestyle.  .... GenGreenLife.com where we have over 60,000 listings to help you live your green life. "

Via: GenGreen®  LINK

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Solar Power

Ever wonder how solar cells work?  Sun light hits a photovoltaic panel and somehow electrons start flowing. 

Check out this neat graphic that shows how suns rays are converted to power that flows from your home's outlets.

" ... Follow the path ... from the sun, through the pv panels, its conversion to AC electricity ... into the utility grid. ..."
ailed explanation of solar energy.

For a full size of the image CLICK

Via:  CoolerPlanet LINK

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

US States by Use of Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy by State

The map at the left - link to full size below - shows " ... the current state of renewable energy in America ... a large portion of the country is still dragging their feet in adopting more environmentally friendly means of generating electricity. ..."

Pennsylvania ranks 15th
New Jersey ranks 43 rd.

Check out the stats for your state.

Click for full size map ... LINK 

Via:  CoolerPlanet  LINK

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

 My daily papers are rolled and covered with a plastic bags I noticed my newspapers were rolled in a new plastic bag before being tossed on my driveway.  I noticed a neat new bag called green15™.

" ... every ... bag is made with at least 15% recycled material.  ... allows us to use up to 15% less plastic ... join us to promote more recycled products & use less plastic ..."

Of course I collect these and recycle them at the local food store.

Via:  Green15bags   LINK

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Timberrland is well known for its green activities including putting a label on most shoes boxes that details the carbon impact of each product.

Their Earthkeeper line features products made to have a smaller environmental footprint ... usually from the user of recycled materials.

" ... Earthkeepers™ collection ... footwear with a small environmental footprint. ...rubber lug outsole made with 42% recycled Green Rubber™ material"Timberland 
 To learn more about green and the outdoors ... check out Timberland's Earthkeeper Blog

Via:  Timberland  LINK

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Pepsico in Ireland takes sustainability seriously.  Caring for the environment and their impact are important considerations.  To that end ... " ... An Environmental Sustainability project ... delivered 12% reduction in water use ...  5% reduction in energy use ... recycle 95% of all waste. ..."

Via:  Pepsico  LINK

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day - 2010

Happy Father's Day.

Remember to incorporate some green ideas into your celebration. Enjoy the day and be green - they can go hand in hand. Teach as green lesson. Lead by example. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Use compostable plates or normal dishes instead of throw away paper plates. Use a gas grill instead of wood or charcoal (less GHG). Use local produce / meat / stuff.

Watch your carbon footprint.

Happy Father's Day !!

Via: YourGreenQuest LINK
fuel cell Wallenius Lines, a Swedish owned car carrier vessel is testing a fuel cell for auxiliary power.  Fuel cells are clean power sources - in this case fueled by methanol (alcohol).  Wallenius Lines has a major commitment to being green (using non toxic paint to reduce barnacle drag, handling bilge water carefully, reducing impact overall, etc.) and this is the next step in the journey.

"Wärtsilä’s WFC20 fuel cell ... onboard the ’Undine’,  ... is the first of its kind in the world ... during the test period provide auxiliary power to the vessel while producing close to zero emissions...."

Methanol can be made from biomass so can be a renewable fuel ... in addition to providing clean power.  The trails started in May 2010 and extend until November 2010.

Via:  Wallenius Lines  LINK

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sustainability / Green Business Key to Ongoing Success

 Sustainability / Green Business  Key to Ongoing Success ... many businesses are seeing sustainability and green as a lead to future growth or as a line extension to their current business offering.

The "nice to have is becoming the "must have".

>>> Read on for more.

" ... SAP will not survive ... one decade from now if it fails to embrace sustainability principles end-to-end."

" ... Panasonic’s ... “Green Transformation 2012″ strategy ... become the world’s leader in green innovation  ...  "  Hitachi and Samsung have announced similar offerings / objectives.

Via:  ZDNet  LINK

Best Buy's e-cycle Program

 I have been going through the basement and found a few older computer monitors that are no longer needed ... nor worth using.

So ... how to best get rid of them and ** NOT ** harm the environment? Best But to the rescue (or e-cycle) !

"Regardless of where you bought it, what brand it is, or how old it is ... We'll make sure it's properly and safely recycled. ..."

" ... just about anything electronic, ... Most things are recycled absolutely free, ..."

Via: Best Buy  LINK

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Reconnect Partnership - Safe and Easy Computer Recycling for Consumers

Partnership logo
Reconnect is a venture with Dell and Goodwill Industries that was started in 2004 to help consumers safely recycle used or unneeded computer equipment.

Key goals are to keep e-waste from landfills and to not export abroad where it might be unsafely handled / disposed of.

It is as simple as 1, 2, 3 ...

"Find out if Reconnect will accept the item ... Find a drop-off location ...
Drop off the item ... Feel good about what you've done."

" ... for residential consumers who wish to recycle used computers. ..."

To find a location near you ...    Click

Via:  Reconnect Partnership  LINK

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dell's Round Rock, Tx Site (and 8 others) Powered by 100 % Renewable Energy.

In June of 2009 Dell announced that they source over 1/4 of their global energy needs from renewable sources.
" ... powers nine ... facilities in the United States and Europe with 100 percent renewable energy. ... Round Rock, Texas; Twin Falls, Idaho and Oklahoma City, Okla. ..."

In addition to using a significant amount of renewable energy sources they " ... plan to reduce ...  greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent by 2015. ... "

Dell follows a simple 3-step model where they work efficiently (energy-wise), use renewable energyand offset with carbon credits from verified sources.

" ... only company in the computer industry to achieve operational carbon neutrality in August 2008 ..."


Friday, June 11, 2010

Calstar Greener Bricks and Pavers Made from Fly Ash

Calstar bricks and pavers
Calstar bricks and pavers are targeted to the green market.  Among their features are that they use recycled materials and generate less CO2 when produced and they are priced to b e competitive with their non-green competing products.

" ... architectural facing bricks and durable pavers for the green building market. ...contain 40% post-industrial recycled material, use 90%" less energy ... generate 90% less CO2 than traditional fired clay brick and pavers."

To hear move about the technology and sustainability ... CLICK

Via:  Calstar  LINK

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bon Appétit Management Company provides food services at colleges and universities at over 400 locations across 29 states.  They are serious about cutting their carbon footprint and are using education and tools like the "Low Carbon Diet Calculator" to help consumers understand the role they play.

" ... beef and cheese are high carbon foods because they come from cows and cows emit methane gas, which is 23 times more potent than carbon dioxide...."

You can check the carbon impact of your food choices with the Low Carbon Diet Calculator.  You can experiment with various options such as a cheeseburger vs. a turkey cheeseburger or an omelet with vegetables vs. an omelet with meet and cheese.  Here is what I found ...

An omelet with meat and cheese has a carbon value of 1573 while one with vegetables has a carbon value of 750.

A cheeseburger has a carbon value of 3609 while a turkey burger has a carbon value of 1480.
Use your new found knowledge to choose wisely to reduce your carbon impact !!

Via:  Bon Appetit  LINK

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dell's Three C's of Smart Packaging

In December of 2008 Dell announced an overhaul of its current computer packaging.  Dell logo

" .... By 2012, Dell aims to reduce packaging volume by 10 percent; increase the amount of recycled content in packaging by 40 percent; and increase the amount of materials in packaging that’s curbside recyclable to 75 percent. ... a strategy based on the three C’s:

The three C's stand for Cube, Content, Curb.

"... How  big is the box?  Could it be smaller?"
"... What is the packaging made of?  Could it be made of something better?"

 "... Is is easily recycled?"

Via: Dell  LINK

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dell Uses Compostable Bamboo Packing Materials

Streak, Dell's 5-inch tablet, is packaging in  cushions made from 
sustainable, compostable bamboo.

Dell is using new bamboo packaging materials that are compostable making them easier to dispose of in places other than a dumpster (read landfill).  The result is a more sustainable packaging solution.

" ... mechanically pulped bamboo ... will compost and biodegrade ... comparable to known compostable materials ..."

" ... building on its commitment to make ‘being green’ easy and cost-effective for customers. "

So why bamboo ?  Bamboo is a natural as it is fast growing, strong and " ... doesn't require replanting after harvest".

Via:  Dell  LINK

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Intel - Gets First Gold LEED Cert for Site in Israel

Intel's IDC-0
Intel's first GOLD LEED certified site is scheduled to open in June 2010 in Haifa, Israel.  The site is called is a design center called IDC-9 and is " ... first facility in Israel ... with a (LEED) certification. ... Intel’s first  ... has a Gold certification pending for its Octollio campus in Chandler, Ariz."

" ...natural lighting, ... available to about 75 percent of the “populated” areas of the building ... individually controlled lighting for a higher degree of energy efficiency"

Via:  ZDNet  LINK

Friday, June 4, 2010

US Army Solar Array at Fort Irwin, California

 The US Army is getting greener.  They are beginning " ... development of a 500-megawatt solar power plant at Fort Irwin, Calif."

" ... allow ... commercial developers to use land at Fort Irwin to construct a solar power plant there between 2013 and 2022. ... will provide power to both the civilian power grid in California, and to Fort Irwin, home of the Army's National Training Center."

" ... the Army will provide to the developers, for as many as 50 years, up to 14,000 acres of land. .. Army receives rent for the land through cash or in-kind services."

" ... facility with both concentrated solar thermal and photovoltaic technology. ... will be built in phases, with a project end date expected around 2022. But Phase 1A of the project, with a completion of around 2014, is expected to provide enough power to sustain Fort Irwin."

Via:  US Army LINK

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kudzu - Possible Route to BioFuel (ethanol)

Kudzu is a very aggressive fast growing vine that is invasive ... if it could be turned into a source of ethanol ... it might kill 2 birds with 1 stone.  And it does not compete with food crops as a route to ethanol.

"... invasive weed called kudzu. ... grows all over the southern states at a rate of about one foot per day. ... literally covers ... anything in its path ... Agro*Gas Industries, LLC can use this undesirable plant to make clean burning, renewable fuel."

" ... otherwise useless pest can be kept in check and turned into a useful "renewable" environmentally friendly and cost effective fuel!"

" ... utilizing unwanted or currently useless plant and waste products we can produce a "Bio-Fuel" (ethanol) that can compete favorably with fossil fuels (petroleum). We do not use commodity crops, such as corn, currently grown for human or animal consumption! "

Via: Agro*Gas Industries, LLC LINK

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Minesto's Deep Green Tidal Power

Minesto logo"Minesto contributes a solution to the worldwide energy demand by offering a unique technology that explores the vast, renewable and abundant ocean power resource."

" ... new concept for tidal power plants called Deep Green. ... based on a fundamentally new principle for electricity generation from tidal currents. ... is applicable in areas where no other known technology can operate cost effectively due to its unique ability to operate in low velocities...."

Via:  Minersto  LINK