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Friday, January 29, 2010

RechargeIT.org Aims to Cut CO2 Emissions

"RechargeIT is an effort within Google.org ... to reduce CO2 emissions, cut oil use, and stabilize the electrical grid by accelerating the adoption of plug-in electric vehicles ... a demonstration fleet of plug-ins at our headquarters in Mountain View and make publicly available the statistics on the performance of those cars ... Google plug-ins achieved 93+ MPG... most every large automaker is putting out a plug-in in the next 2 - 4 years ..."

"We've had our RechargeIT plug-ins on the road for over two years, collecting data when driven by Google employees in our free car-share program ... wanted to see how they would perform in a controlled test ... the plug-ins did great, getting as much as 93 MPG average across all trips, and 115 MPG for city trips!... "

CLICK to explore detailed data from the experiment."

Via: RechargeIT.org LINK

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Norway's Statkraft Looks at Power from Osmosis

Norway's Statkraft is looking at osmosis as a possible energy source.  Currently the output is minimal but it may be the way of the future.

" ... Norway's Statkraft says that its new, first-of-its-kind osmotic power plant could be producing as much energy as a small wind farm by 2015, ... when the process of osmosis takes place ... the pressure is apparently enough to drive a power generating turbine ... enough of those you have a power plant. A bit of effort, to be sure, but the process doesn't emit any greenhouse gases, is completely renewable, and it doesn't depend on the wind or the sun being out."

Via: Engadget LINK

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

RecycleMania 2010 Started !

RecycleMania 2010 started on Jan 17th, 2010 and ends March 10th, 2010.  In these 10 weeks participating schools compete to see who collects the largest quantity of recyclables PER CAPITA and in several other categories.

" ... record number of colleges and universities across the United States, Canada and as far away as Qatar, have begun collecting their recycling and trash weights as part of the first two weeks of trials ... "
" ... a friendly competition and benchmarking tool for college and university recycling programs to promote waste reduction activities to their campus communities.... ranked according to who collects the largest amount of recyclables per capita, the largest amount of total recyclables, the least amount of trash per capita, or ... highest recycling rate. ..."

For a link to participating schools CLICK
In my local area Temple University, Villanova University and West Chester University are participating.

Good luck to all and there really are no losers in this competition !

Via: RecycleMania LINK

Monday, January 25, 2010

NYC Community Preservation Corp - Money to Make Your Home Greener and Smarter with Energy

The Community Preservation Corp (NYC) is making significant funds ($1 billion) available for energy efficiency and sustainability improvement.

" ... the non-profit Community Preservation Corp. (CPC) in New York is doling out up to $1 billion in construction and mortgage loans for multifamily home owners (aka apartment building landlords) looking to complete energy efficiency or sustainability property improvement ... "

" ... funds are being backed by insurance from the State of New York Mortgage Agency."

" ... figures it can ... increase the energy efficiency in buildings it finances by 20 percent ... aiming to help support the retrofit of up to 15,000 apartments in “the next few years.”  Since being founded 35 years ago, CPC has financed more than 136,000 units. ..."

" ...CPC plans to monitor the impact of the building retrofits so that it can be used to help model and inform similar programs in other regions of the country. ... [green renovations including] ... Right-sizing the heating system ..more efficient heating and water controls ... better showerheads or low-flush toilets ...  New window, wall or roof installations ... Replacement of certain appliances with Energy Star models"

Via: SmartPlanet LINK
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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Geothermal Power Systems

"Pratt & Whitney Power Systems, in conjunction with Chena Power LLC in Alaska and the U.S. Department of Energy, recently demonstrated a mobile geothermal power generation unit at the 2009 Geothermal Energy Expo in Reno, Nev. ... new mobile version of Pratt & Whitney’s PureCycle® technology allows customers to relocate valuable energy generating capability from one geothermal or waste heat resource to another as circumstances dictate ... "

" ... the PureCycle system can generate electricity from  various heat sources with temperatures between 190 and 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Using a mobile unit at existing oil and gas sites can expedite return on investment for geothermal power, as the majority of development cost is in exploration, drilling and infrastructure."

" ... self-contained cooling system that uses resource water to replenish the cooling tower water, thus eliminating the need for a separate fresh water source ... system demonstrates how low temperature geothermal technology that can diversify the nation’s energy supply with base load renewable energy while creating jobs and economic benefits ... "

Via: United Technologies Corp. LINK
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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sancell’s EnviroBubble - Totally Degradable Bubble Wrap

I came across the EnviroBubble wrap while looking for packing supplies on the U-Haul web site.  It looked interesting so I researched some and have an interesting post ...

"Sancell’s ... EnviroBubble is the worlds first totally degradable bubble wrap incorporates EPI’s TDPA (Totally Degradable Plastic Additives) ... Since its release in May 2005, Sancell’s EnviroBubble product has become an industry leader ... strengthening its reputation as the most effective, versatile, cost effective and environmentally friendly product available today ... a controlled shelf life of a minimum of 12 months as the TDPA additives are added at a controlled rate to monitor and control the useable life of the product and allowing the bags to degrade at a specific rate."

" ... Sancell have now introduced EnviroProtecta Bags – the worlds first totally degradable padded mailer bags."

Via: Sancell LINK

Friday, January 22, 2010

Connecticut Science Center Powered by Fuel Cell

"A 200kW UTC Power fuel cell ... at the new Connecticut Science Center in Hartford ... will generate 100 percent of the electricity demanded by the facility on an annual basis once operational ...

 will be the first such facility to generate most of its own energy on-site with ultra clean, quiet fuel cell power."

" ... reduce the burden on the New England power grid and its impact on the environment ... will prevent the release of more than 270 metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere annually by using the Model 200 PureCell® system rather than relying on a traditional fossil-fuel-burning powerplant ... one of the first fuel cell installations in the state to employ net metering, a process by which surplus power from the fuel cell is fed to the utility grid at night when the facility’s power demand is less."

Via: United Technologies Corp. LINK
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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Iceland's GOLD LEED Data Center

... data center developer Verne Global ... announced it is constructing the first international data center in Iceland ... converting a former NATO command center into a data center."
" ... designed to take full advantage of Iceland's infrastructure and environment ... the data center, whose total footprint is about 430,600 square feet, will be designed around LEED Gold standards ... will deploy innovative practices of HVAC and adaptive reuse of the world-class facilities already in place."
" ... will benefit from the large amount of free cooling available in Iceland, as well as its renewable energy sources and constant power rates."
" ... Verne Global is breaking new ground in using Iceland's natural green resources to mitigate both increasing emissions and rising energy costs."

Via:  Web Host Industry Review  LINK

Via: xxx.yyy LINK
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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Google's Googleplex Solar Capabilities

"In June 2007 Google completed a 1.6MW solar installation at our Mountain View, CA headquarters ... 9,212 solar panels that cover the rooftops of eight buildings and two solar carports at the Googleplex ... produces enough electricity to power 30% of Google's peak electricity demand in our solar powered buildings at our Mountain View, CA headquarters ... equivalent of approximately 1,000 California homes ..."

See the actual daily stats on power generated and some comparisons to typical activities to better understand the numbers - these are updated daily.

Via: Google LINK
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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dedham Mass Whole Foods Powered by Fuel Cell and Solar Cells

Dedham Mass Whole Foods
Fuel cells are making there way to a food store near you - if you live in Dedham, Mass.

United Technologies logo " ... newest and largest Whole Foods Market in New England ... in Dedham, MA. ... the first store in Massachusetts to generate on-site power with fuel cell technology (one of the cleanest forms of energy)! 90% of our power will be generated by this fuel cell - this is sometUnited Technologies logohing that we are very proud of."

" ... powered by a 400-kilowatt UTC Power fuel cell and a rooftop solar installation that will generate most of the store’s power and all of its hot water needs ..."

Via: WholeFoods LINK  and Via: Technologies Corp. LINK
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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Google Applies for Energy License

In addition to being know for its green efforts (solar panels and highly efficient servers) Google is possibly entering ther power business by applying for a license to buy and sell wholesale power.

"... are other non-utilities already in the power business. Usually other firms with similar heavy power needs.  ... Google Energy subsidiary was formed in late 2009 ... putting it into a stronger position to balance Google’s energy needs with its goal to promote the use of alternative energy for electricity generation ... it will shop for the best sources of renewable energy to run its operations ... stated goal is to become carbon-neutral."

Via:  ZDNet  LINK

Monday, January 11, 2010

GreenPack Green and Biodegradable Packaging and Tableware Products

Green Pack is an importer and wholesaler specializing in environmentally sustainable products.  We supply biodegradable and compostable tableware and packaging, and a fantastic new range of non-toxic, petrochemical free wax crayons and paper twine.
  Our product range includes: Areca palm leaf plates, sugarcane fibre (bagasse) tableware, GM-free starch cutlery, plantation timber cutlery, PLA Bioplastic cups and containers, PLA coated coffee cups, paper straws, recycled napkins and lots more
Green Pack caters for a wide range of customers. From wholesalers, hospitality, general business users to schools, hospitals, airlines and the general public. We also specialise in green event supply from the small private event to the supply of large organised public events.

Via: greenpack LINK

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Google - Leads in Energy Efficient Data Centers

Google has been at the forefront of energy efficiency quite some time.  They recently were written up for their large rooftop solar array.  Google has lots of data and metrics to determine the average energy "impact" per search.

Read on to learn more about Google current initiatives.

" ... Data centers ... account for most of Google’s energy needs ... take our energy use seriously and, from the very beginning, Google has focused on designing systems that use as little energy as possible ... operating what we believe to be the world's most efficient data centers."

" ... Google-designed data centers use about half the energy of a typical data center ... energy used per Google search is very small ... currently use about 1kJ (0.0003 kWh) of energy to answer the average query ... roughly .2g of CO2 ... often take the place of more carbon- and time-intensive activities, such as driving a car to a library or spending hours navigating shopping malls."

" ... commitment to sustainability goes beyond just electricity and carbon ... two Google

facilities currently run on 100% recycled water, and by 2010 we expect recycled water to provide 80% of our total data center water consumption ... share our own data center best practices and are encouraging our industry peers to do the same ..."

" ... if all data centers operated at the same efficiency as ours, the U.S. alone would save enough electricity to power every household within the city limits of Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Washington, D.C."

Via: Google LINK