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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dedham Mass Whole Foods Powered by Fuel Cell and Solar Cells

Dedham Mass Whole Foods
Fuel cells are making there way to a food store near you - if you live in Dedham, Mass.

United Technologies logo " ... newest and largest Whole Foods Market in New England ... in Dedham, MA. ... the first store in Massachusetts to generate on-site power with fuel cell technology (one of the cleanest forms of energy)! 90% of our power will be generated by this fuel cell - this is sometUnited Technologies logohing that we are very proud of."

" ... powered by a 400-kilowatt UTC Power fuel cell and a rooftop solar installation that will generate most of the store’s power and all of its hot water needs ..."

Via: WholeFoods LINK  and Via: Technologies Corp. LINK
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