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Monday, January 25, 2010

NYC Community Preservation Corp - Money to Make Your Home Greener and Smarter with Energy

The Community Preservation Corp (NYC) is making significant funds ($1 billion) available for energy efficiency and sustainability improvement.

" ... the non-profit Community Preservation Corp. (CPC) in New York is doling out up to $1 billion in construction and mortgage loans for multifamily home owners (aka apartment building landlords) looking to complete energy efficiency or sustainability property improvement ... "

" ... funds are being backed by insurance from the State of New York Mortgage Agency."

" ... figures it can ... increase the energy efficiency in buildings it finances by 20 percent ... aiming to help support the retrofit of up to 15,000 apartments in “the next few years.”  Since being founded 35 years ago, CPC has financed more than 136,000 units. ..."

" ...CPC plans to monitor the impact of the building retrofits so that it can be used to help model and inform similar programs in other regions of the country. ... [green renovations including] ... Right-sizing the heating system ..more efficient heating and water controls ... better showerheads or low-flush toilets ...  New window, wall or roof installations ... Replacement of certain appliances with Energy Star models"

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