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Friday, December 24, 2010

Textile Sustainability with bluesign®

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bluesign® is an independent standard for the textile inducstry.  It looks at the entire supply chain and seeks to exclude harmful materials at the start of the process … resulting in a safer product for consumers and the environment.,

Many outdoor clothing manufactures are supporting this standard including North Face and REI. 

Check out this YouTube Video for more info …


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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Kristianstad Sweden Uses Biofuels Not Fossil Fuels for Heat and Electricity

Kristianstad SwedeKristianstadn uses no fossil fuels for heating.  Instead they uses biomass from farming leftovers.  80,000 homes heated by biomass and not fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas!  And this is an area of the world where it gets VERY COLD !

Since solar and wind would not be effective in Kristianstad they worked with biomass.  " ... remains from farming ... manure, potato peels, pig intestines, and even cookies, .... to create biogas  ... a certain type of  methane, ... heat of the entire city, and to provide electricity for the city as well."

The driving force for the move away from fossil fuels was to protect their environment and they did not want to import fossil fuels from abroad.


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