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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Energy from the Seas from Pelamis Wave Power

Pelamis Wave 
Power system "...  potential to be one of the most environmentally benign forms of electricity generation ... wave energy around the British Isles ... estimated to be equivalent to three times current UK electricity demand, ..."

The oceans and the power of the waves and tides waves might be the source of your electricity someday.  Systems that can convert the constant undulation of the waves into energy can harness  what seems like an unlimited renewable energy source.

Pelamis  are minimally impactful ... their visual impact is small as they are half submerged so are not nearly as visibly on the horizon as wind turbines.  They appear to have minimal impact on marine life as well and can be removed much easier than a wind turbine.
They currently have installations undergoing tests in Portugal and Scotland. 

 Pelamis has their HQ in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Via:  Pelamis Wave Power  LINK

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