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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Philadelphia Single Stream Recycling Now Accepts all Recyclable Plastics

Recycle Now PhiladelphiaMost municipalities accept #1 - PET and #2 - HDPE plastics for recycling.  Philadelphia now accepts #3 -#7 as well! This means #3 - Vinyl, #4 - LDPE, #5 - PP, #6 - PS and #7 - other / mixed.

" ... Philadelphia has citywide single stream recycling. ... all recyclables can be put in the same container, including plastics and cardboard."  This makes it easier for residents and business as there is no more sorting into different containers at home.

There is even a section about debunking Phila Recycling Myths ... that gives the real info on recycling in the City.

Check out the web site for information you can use no matter where you live !

Via:  Recycle Now Philadelphia LINK

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