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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Walmart Partners with Solar City on Solar Installations in Arizona and California

Walmart is planning to add solar systems to an additional 20 - 30 in California and Arizona using new technology lower cost PV cells.

Walmart Solar PanelsThe systems are expected to provide about 25 % of the total energy needs of each location.

The systems:
- can product up to 22.5 kW / yr - equiv to the energy needed for 1750 home / yr
- avoid 11,650 metric tons CO2 - equiv to 3000 cars

The technology planned includes gallium selenide and cadmium terruride films and are exected to use less raw materials then earlier versions of PV cells.

SolarCity will do the design work as well as install, own and maintain the systems.

Via:  Walmart  LINK

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