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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pepsico Dream Machine - Makes Recycling Plastic Bottles Easier

PepsicoPepsiCo and Waste Management are trying to increase the rate of plastic bottle recycling from the current 34 % to " 50 % by the year 2018.
Pepsico Dream Machine
A key tool may be the Dream Machine ... which has " ... a personal reward system that allows consumers to collect and redeem points for each bottle or can they recycle in the kiosk."

Currently about 12% of spaces have a recycling container.  The Dream Machine will bring recycling to thousands of locations and facilitate recycling away from home - who wants to carry bottles home for recycling?

In case you are asking what you can do ... the numbers are  are compelling for individuals to make a change.  If each household in the country recycled just 3 more plastic bottles a month the result would be over 23 millions pounds diverted from landfills !

Wow!  3 more bottles a month - that is not hard to do !

Via:  Pepsisico  LINK

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