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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Besam - Eco Friendly Products from an Eco Friendly Company

While at the National Geographic Museum in DC I noticed that their entrance doors are made by Besam and were marked as "low energy power operated door".

Some businesses are reluctant to not have the door always open to make the store more inviting and easier for customers to come in - this wastes tremendous amounts of energy and money in heating and cooling costs.
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" ... Besam strives to manufacture ... automatic entrances in a manner that limits their impact on the environment, ... "

" ...study conducted .... energy use and customer counts were monitored before and after the installation of Besam Holland’s “Green Door” ..."

" ... cost of heating the shop was reduced by 43%. ... there was virtually no decrease in the number of customers entering the store after the installation of the automatic sliding door."

Automated doors have been shown to both save energy and keep store traffic at high levels.

Via:  Besam.com LINK

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