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Monday, May 25, 2009

Cisco - One Million Acts of Green

Cisco's One Million Acts of Green (OMAOG) project challenges us to think about how we as individuals act and how are actions can affect the planet.

OMAOG has lots of god resources to help, including blogs, tips, links, etc. as well as a challenge video from Cisco CEO John Chambers.

There is a calculated total (see picture at right) showing the combined results in the US an World Wide.

" ... Cisco launched One Million Acts of Green ... to show that individual, organizational, and community acts of green add up to something significant. ... It can be small: install a low-flow showerhead, take public transportation instead of driving, use a refillable coffee cup. Or something bigger, like covering your roof in solar panels."

" ... asks you to form a community, record your acts of green, and share your ideas to encourage others. It shows the power of people coming together and working toward meaningful goals—the power of the human network."

Via: One Million Acts of Green LINK

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