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Thursday, May 28, 2009

mobGAS© Mobil Application to Track YOUR Impact on the Climate

Knowing how your behavior can impact the planet is a great way to help make changes ... mobGAS© " ... will be the first mobile application about climate change with wide distribution in Europe and world. ... aims to make the connection between daily activities and the emissions of Greenhouse Gases and ... suggest changes to improve individual performances. "

" ... application includes several icons representing activities or appliances that are usually used every day (more than 60). These activities or appliances ... will finally be converted in individual emissions of GHG [green house gas] that may be compared with the weekly average or with country and world average."

Some tips / facts from mobGAS ...

"... bus carries the same number of people as 10 fully occupied cars, but takes up a third of the road space and emits half of CO2 per km per passenger. ... when your charger is not connected to the phone, it is still draining electricity. Unplug your mobile charger when you're not using it ... Reducing the temperature by just 1°C can cut 5-10% off your family's energy bill and avoid up to 300kg of CO2 emissions per household and year...."

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