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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Green Laces

Athlete Natalie Spilger is trying to get athletes to consider their impact on the environment ... through a program called .. green laces.

"... athletes, ... can be particularly hard on the environment. ... Natalie Spilger is hoping you'll take a minute to consider your carbon footprint, ... a lot of waste in sports, from the fuel used in traveling to and from venues, to non-recyclable waxed cups of Gatorade they give you, to the plastic water bottles, to the stretchy, Styrofoam wrap we use to wrap our knees, for our shin guards, or tie our hair back, ... athletes can be pretty carbon intensive as a group."

" ... Spilger founded GreenLaces, a non-profit outreach organization that targets athletes and their fans to encourage them to become more eco-conscious. " See the video for more details ...

Via: greennexxus / green laces LINK

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