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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Phila City Council Proposes Bill to Require Recyclable / Compostable Bags

The City of Philadelphia City Council has a bill proposed that will ban plastic bags in grocery stores. Bill # 090074 was introduced by Councilmembers DiCicco and Kenney to amend Chapter 9-600 of The Philadelphia Code, entitled “Service and Other Businesses,” ... with a new Section 9-614, entitled “Mandatory Use of Recyclable and Compostable Checkout Bags,”.

Basically the City wants to mandate the use of recyclable and / or compostable bags by most businesses ... the bill details which businesses (by type and size) are exempt. The bill details what it expects in terms of recyclable and compostable plastic bags.

The bill would become valid 6 months after passage ... fines would be $100 for the first offense and then $300 for the second offense in the same year and then $500 for each additional offense in the same year!

Via: City Council of Philadelphia LINK
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