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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

PNC Green Branch® Facts

In an earlier post I mentioned the PNC has the most green buildings of any company on the planet and that they have a drive to build green bank branches - and have trademarked the term "Green Branch".

Here is some more info about their LEED certified branches / buildings ... " More than 50 percent of the branch, including floors, wall covering and furniture fabric, is made from recycled or “green” materials., ... Carpet is made from 51 percent recycled material and is 100 percent recyclable into new carpet backing. ... Cabinets are wheatboard, a byproduct of wheat processing, instead of plywood. ... Entry way flooring is made of animal hair and reduces dirt/dust tracked inside. ... Energy usage is reduced 50 percent or more compared to a
traditional branch due to high-efficiency systems and insulation along with maximum use of natural light, ... Water usage is reduced by 6,200 gallons a year. ... walls are insulated above code to improve efficiency. ... construction waste, such as wood, steel and cardboard, is recycled or salvaged, reducing landfill waste by 150 tons per branch. "

Via: PNC.com LINK
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