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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Chicken Manure Powers 90,000 Homes in The Netherlands

Here is an interesting way to reduce waste. reuse waste and generate carbon neutral power from a virtually never ending supply of manure ...

" ... largest biomass power plant running exclusively on chicken manure has opened in the Netherlands ... will deliver renewable electricity to 90,000 households ... capacity of 36.5 megawatts ... more than 270 million kWh of electricity per year."

" ... more than merely “carbon neutral” ... manure ... spread out over farm land ... would release not only CO2, but also methane, a very potent greenhouse gas ... using the manure for power generation, the release of methane is avoided."

" ... plant will utilize approximately 440,000 tons of chicken manure, roughly one third of the total amount produced each year in the Netherlands. ... European countries ... suffer under an excess of different types of animal manure that pollute the environment."

Via: Metaefficient LINK

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