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Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Green Office - Environmentally Friendly Office Supplies

thegreenoffice makes it easy to be green at work. Their line of products are all earth friendly and they "walk the talk".

The site also provides lots of interesting information about definitions of green, recycled, etc. Lots of good information and good products !!

Read on for more ... >>>

" ... the first online retailer to offer a full selection of office products focused on Green choices, giving you the power to make socially and environmentally responsible purchasing decisions for the workplace. ... "walk the talk" ... industry leaders whose values are in line with our business. ... dedicated to the environment ... we ride our bikes and take public transportation, ... are driven by a need to make a meaningful impact with our work ... working to achieve sustainability in the workplace ..."

"... Green Screen™ ... ranks office products by Greenness (Dark Green, Green, or Conventional) ... to make informed decisions about the products that you bring into your office."

" ... Dark Green products are at the forefront of sustainability, challenging the conventional market in interesting and pioneering ways. ..."

thegreenoffice.com LINK

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