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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Truck Stop Electrification

Everyone has seen trucks idling when they seem to be "just waiting" at a truck or rest stop.  Many drivers keep the engine running to allow for heating / cooling and even to run appliances in their sleeper cab

While diesels are efficient they are polluting ... and use fuel at the rate of a gallon / hour at idle.

TSE - Truck Stop Electrification "... helps drivers, their trucks and our planet rest a bit easier. Supported by Carbonfund.org ... reduces tailpipe emissions ... system consists of an in-cab service module ... that heats, cools, and powers the interior of the truck ... without forcing the engine to burn diesel while saving about a gallon of diesel per hour. ... over one hundred locations throughout the United States."

Via: CarbonFund.org Blog LINK

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