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Friday, April 2, 2010

US Gov't Creates Significant Waste with Printing that is Not Needed

A recent report from the Washington Times shows that a significant amount of printing by US Govt employees is never needed ... it is thrown out or recycled.  Wow - 1/3 of all printed paper is wasted!

" .... Washington Times reports that a full third of the printing performed by U.S. government employees is instantly tossed out or recycled."

"... high time government ... takes the lead from businesses that have their printing costs under control. ... Duplex printing is only part of the story. ... "

"... asking these kinds of questions before they click ‘Print’: ... Is it vital that I have a hard copy of this right now? ... Have I run the electronic file by my colleagues first? ... Does the item I am about to print have to be “perfect”?"

Via: ZDNet.com LINK

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