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Thursday, September 17, 2009

FarmEcology - Local Food for U of Penn Students

Penn students are taking an active role in bringing local foods into their dining halls ... one shining example is FarmEcology which connects the schools with local farms ... and has spread to other colleges and universities.

" ... FarmEcology is a student-initiated endeavor that is raising awareness and educating Penn's campus about the benefits of local foods. ... co-founders, Emma Kirwan and Rachel Meyer, spent the past semester exploring and researching opportunities for connecting the University with local farms, contacting regional food experts for advice, and researching similar programs that are developing across the country at similar institutions."

" ... Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, and Yale are all in various stages of planning or have already implemented local food programs in campus-run dining halls. ... FarmEcology is one step in an overall University effort to continue a "green campaign" which was launched in 2002 with the purchase of wind energy."

University of Pennsylvania FarmEcology LINK

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