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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Reasons to Buy Local Foods

Here are some good reasons to buy locally produced foods ...

" ... Small farms encourage diversity in planting and promote diverse ecosystems. Diversity leads to more nutrients in the soil, a more abundant wildlife and healthier harvests."

" ... 90% of all fuel used in food production is spent transporting, packaging, and marketing our food. ... almost 10% of our total national energy consumption... Buying locally decreases the “food miles” and amount of fuel and pollution needed to deliver your food ..."

" According to the USDA, local farms are more productive than factory farms .."

"... Since 1935 the U.S. has lost over 4.5 million farms. Supporting local farmers supports the local economy, invests in the future of your community, and preserves a way of life."

" ... vegetables and fruit that you buy at the supermarket have traveled an average of 1,500 miles and have spent up to two weeks in transport. ... are often picked weeks before they hit maturity and do not have time to develop fully. They have lost most of their nutritious vitamins and minerals."

Via: FarmEcology LINK

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