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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

GoodEnergy - Renewable Energy from Cow Poo

Good Energy, a UK supplier of 100% renewable energy, has the usual sources of renewable energy like solar and wind ... and green energy from cow poo.

Cow poo is turned into biomass and that in turn becomes biogas that is burned to become electricity ...

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"Biogas is produced through ... Anaerobic Digestion ... a natural biological process carried out by bacteria in the absence of air, by which organic material is broken down into stable fertiliser and useful biogas. ..."

"The organic waste is broken down into sugars and amino acids by enzymes ... sugars are then fermented to produce volatile fatty acids and then converted by various types of bacteria into biogas, a mixture of carbon dioxide (40%) and methane (60%) ... "

" ... biogas is then ... burned ... to produce electricity and heat. ..."

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