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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mohawk Industries Recycles Tires into Doormats

Waste tires can be an environmental nightmare ... recycling them into consumer goods minimizes landfill needs and can prevent toxic fires and resulting water pollution.

Mohawk Industries has been using recycled tire material to make floor mats since 1999 ...

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" ... began recycling tires in 1999 and is now the leading tire recycler in the flooring industry.... In 2004, 10 million pounds of crumb rubber tires — the equivalent of 720,000 tires — were recycled and tranformed into designer doormats. ... now converts more than 30 million pounds of tires into welcome mats each year. ... Discarded tires can also produce dangerous, toxic fires in dumps and old tires retain water where disease-spreading insects thrive."

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