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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Climate Passport -- Carbon Offsets Available at SF International Airport

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I have been reading alot about SF and their green efforts ... there are quite a few listings on our blog ... here's another ...

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is adding to it's green offerings of reducing their environmental impact by reducing noise, reducing global warming and preserving natural resources like air and water ... buy making it easy to buy csarbon off sets for your air travel.

" ...  recognize the importance that environmental sustainability plays in helping achieve this goal ... committed to drastically reducing its environmental impact over the next decade.  ... working to reduce contributions to global warming, improve air and water quality, reduce noise impacts, and preserve natural resources."
SFO now offers the Climate Passport program; a way to help travelers reduce their travel carbon footprint by purchasing offsets.
Here is how it works ... " ... drop by a kiosk that will calculate the carbon impact of your travel ... buy offsets from the kiosk manager, 3Degrees, ... Some of the money will also go to the San Francisco Carbon Fund ... offsets purchased ... are verified by the Climate Action Registry."
Check out the interactive carbon calculator ...

This morning a round trip flight to Houston's Intercontinental from Philadelphia;phia would On Sunday Oct 18, the cost for a carbon offset for a round trip flight from Philadelphia to San Francisco and back would cost $12.01 and off set 1,961 lbs of CO2.

Via: San Francisco Int'l Airport LINK

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