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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Timberland EarthKeeper

Timberland is known as a eco friendly / green company.  They label their shoes with the carbon footprint and have a corporate sustainability document showing how they have done over the last few years.

They also have a blog - Earthkeeper - " ... a new way to call someone who cares about the environment. ... people doing small things, like recycling, biking instead of driving and using energy-efficient light bulbs. And people doing bigger things, like replanting eroded areas and retrofitting their engines to run on bio fuel. ..."

" ... it’s time for companies, like ours, to take a look at how the way they do business affects the environment and do something about it. Earthkeepers is one way we’re trying to do exactly that. Our goal—inspire and engage one million Earthkeepers. .."

Follow the LINK to read more about Timberland's Corporate Social Responsibility.

Follow the LINK to see Timberland's Earthkeepers blog.

Via: Timberland Earth Keepers LINK
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