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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lunch Skins Reduce Daily "Brown Bag" Lunch Waste

Brown bagging is a great way to save time money by bringing left overs or other home made food to work for lunch.  One possible negative is the waste created by throwing away plastic sandwich bags.

Enter Lunch Skins!

"Dishwasher Safe.  Made in the USA of a quick-drying German fabric certified as food safe.  Moisture and grease proof.  Replaces countless plastic baggies!"

" ...  found a certified food-safe German fabric and have designed and manufactured these snack bags right here in the USA.  ... can be easily thrown in the dishwasher ... we have a vision of a greener world. ... it can be as easy as changing wasteful habits by using better products!  .. designed a smart alternative to the plastic baggie ..."

Via: 3GreenMoms LINK
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