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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Green Halloween

Go Green for Halloween.  Have a Greener Halloween.  Need ideas and info?

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"Green Halloween is a non-profit, grassroots community initiative to create healthier and more Earth-friendly holidays, starting with Halloween. ... began in the Seattle area in 2007 ...  In cities across the country, volunteer coordinators are not only working to turn their city’s Halloween holiday healthy and eco-friendly, but many are also raising money for their own, local nonprofit beneficiaries."

" ... developed the 3 G’s of being green. In our book, doing or choosing one is light green, two is green and three is dark green and therefore ideal. ..."

" ... the 3 G’s ... Good for People ... Healthy treats and treasures fall under this category. ... Good for Planet – Includes making choices that have the least impact ... Good for the Community – Including making choices and supporting businesses whose business practices and products support the well being of communities ..."

"... making choices that are both people and Earth healthy ..."

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