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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cagoule Fleece - from Recycled Beverage Bottles


Cagoule Fleece is made with 85% recycled plastic - specifically plastic beverage bottles.  Using a product called "bottle fleece" they manufacture all sorts of fleece items like gloves, scarves and blankets.

My wife found these at our local Whole Foods Markets and thought they looked like a great idea ... quality warm fleece gloves from post consumer recycled bottles.

" ... everything we make is still created from superbly soft fleece itself made from post-consumer recycled materials ... We recycle absolutely everything we can and run the entire show with waste reduction firmly in mind ... "

" ... BottleFleece™ ... made from 85% post-consumer recycled fibers obtained from plastic soda bottles and post industrial waste ...  soda bottles are collected by recyclers, then shredded, melted, and extruded into fibers which then become ultra-plush fleece ... about 2 one-liter bottles in every BottleFleece hat ... "

Via: Cagoule Fleece LINK

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