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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Danish Island of Samsø : First "Town" to be Completely Energy Self-Sufficient ?

Danish Island of Samsø: First "Town" to be Completely Energy Self-Sufficient ??

It is one thing to be energy independent; it carries a little more weight if you are both energy independent and industrialized.

" ... Danish island of Samsø ... 30 miles long and 15 miles wide ... began its push toward sustainability in 1997. In just over a decade ... erected 21 electricity-producing wind turbines and a heating system fueled by wood chip- and straw-burning furnaces accompanied by several small solar panels."

"Eleven ... turbines are onshore and ten are offshore; all generate one megawatt each ... onshore turbines produce more electricity than the island consumes — enough to offset 690,000 gallons of oil — ... offshore turbines produce enough power to handle the island’s transportation energy budget ...invests excess power in new energy projects."

" ... inadvertently transformed the island’s workforce into green collar workers. Plumbers and carpenters regularly perform energy-efficient home conversions, and their expertise has allowed them to work on green projects elsewhere, including mainland Europe."

This video tells it all ....

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