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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hallmark - Long History of Being Green

Buckets of E-waste to be recycledHallmark, the maker of greeting cards and other products, has been green since before it was the "in thing".

" ... began recycling paper in the 1940s, have used recycled paper in products and packaging since the 1970s ... established a corporate-wide environmental conservation program in the 1990s...."

Other efforts include ... " ... sponsors e-waste events to collect and responsibly dispose of employees' discarded electronics ... actively participate in the Environmental Protection Agency's WasteWi$e and Energy Star Building programs ...Since the early 1990s we have reduced solid waste by 70 percent and hazardous waste by 90 percent ... waste-to-energy program at our distribution center in Enfield, Conn., has resulted in an ongoing zero percent waste program since 1998. Materials not recycled are used as electrical generator fuel."

Via: Hallmark LINK

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