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Sunday, December 6, 2009

If you can see it and manage it you can  control it.  Much like the speedometer on your car companies; are developing devices to help see home energy usage in real time.

" ...  EnergyHub's dashboard which it is testing out with three utilities in the U.S. .... gives people a way to quickly see how much electricity they are using at a given time. ... giving people regular information on their usage, they can cut electricity use between five and 15 percent ...".

"EnergyHub's system is being used in conjunction with smart meters in its initial trials but energy information can also be gathered by creating a wireless home-area network. The display has a Zigbee wireless chip that can communicate with a networked thermostat and smart plugs [left on photo] ... allows people to program appliances and turn down energy use during utility-run demand-response programs. .. is selling through utilities originally but expects the display and thermostat to cost about $250 and Zigbee-enabled plugs about $35."

Via: ZDnet.com LINK

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