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Thursday, December 24, 2009

PNC's "Green Wall" Featured in Its Green Building

 PNC is well known for their green projects ... one of their ads says they have more green buildings than any other bank ...

In addition to having green buildings - PNC now has a GREEN WALL.  " ... the largest green wall in North America ... 2,380 sq. ft., soil-based wall - similar in size to a doubles tennis court - features a variety of regional plants grown into living art on the south-facing wall of One PNC Plaza ... in downtown Pittsburgh."

" ... estimated that each of the 602 panels, with 24 plants in each 2x2 sq. ft. space, will offset the carbon footprint of one person. ... similar to a green roof, will help to cool the 30-story building ... wall is a fitting reminder that PNC is the world leader in green building ...".

" ... has more newly constructed buildings certified by the United States Green Building Council under its LEED® program than any other company in the world ... includes 64 trademark Green Branch® locations and two office buildings. About 20 environmentally friendly branches and two other major buildings are under construction or awaiting LEED certification."

Via: PRNewsWire LINK

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