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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Levant Power Corp. - Vehicle Energy Recovery Technology

Hybrid cars are able to recover energy from braking by turning the brakes into a generating device ... Levant Power is using the energy in road bumbs to turn shock absorbers into a similar energy recovery device.

" ... identified an alternative energy source previously untapped ... the suspension system. The energy of a vertically oscillating vehicle is significant and currently dissipated as heat through shock absorbers. ... GenShock, recovers this energy and utilizes it for fuel economy gains ... extending a vehicle's range ... improves ride quality ... "

"Hybrid vehicles with GenShock installed can increase their fuel economy by up to 10 percent ... capturing suspension energy and using it to charge the vehicle's battery, it reduces the overall carbon footprint of the car."

"GenShock, is currently being produced for the defense industry. We will be offering our first public products as trucking aftermarket sales, later becoming a standard feature on select vehicle lines."

Via:  Levant Powwer LINK
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