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Monday, November 23, 2009

Carbon Capture Report™

The University of Illinois has developed the Carbon Capture Report™ that brings together all information Carbon related.  If you are looking for something carbon related this would be a good place to search!

 ... monitors news services from around the world to offer the latest news on carbon capture, carbon sequestration, and climate change, updated every 24 hours, 7 days a week. ... compiling a list of all articles mentioning these topics, and preparing a series of analytical reports to make it easy to continually keep track of what the world's media is saying about carbon capture."

" ... Daily Map service overlays each day's coverage onto Google Maps and Google Earth, showing what different countries and different parts of those countries are saying about carbon capture. See how coverage has changed over time using the interactive timeline of the Google Earth display."

" ... Daily Summary Newsletter service sends you the latest headlines ... delivered to your inbox at 2AM CST each morning."

" ... is an ongoing, highly experimental research project. All results are generated entirely by machine, so reports may occasionally contain errors and no guarantees of any kind are provided ..."

Via: Carbon Capture Report LINK

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