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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Vegawatt™ - Power from Waste Oil

"Vegawatt™ ...  cogeneration system for restaurants and food service facilities, uses your waste cooking oil as a readily available source of fuel to generate on-site electricity and hot water, saving your restaurant thousands of dollars as well as providing a clean, renewable source of energy."

" ... paying a hauler to dispose of your used cooking oil? Or getting paid for your waste vegetable oil? You'll actually get a better return on investment when you use it to power your restaurant!"

How doesVegawatt™ compare to other energy sources?  Compare a KW of energy based on CO2 produced.  " ... Coal-fired electricity generator will burn roughly 1/2 a kilogram of coal to produce 1 kw of electricity, and release 1016 grams of CO2 in the process. ....Vegawatt™, running waste vegetable oil as fuel in a co-generator, will produce 1 kw of electricity and release 642 grams of CO2 in the process."  This is less than diesel at 998 grams and natural gas at 670 grams of CO2 respectively.

Via: Vegawatt LINK
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