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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ford Flex to Contain Wheat Straw Reinvforced Plastic

The 2010 Ford Flex will have a straw reinforced plastic storage bin .... that will reduce the anmount of petroleum needed and the amount of CO2 emissions.

" ... announced that it will be using a wheat-straw-reinforced plastic in the interior storage bins of the 2010 Ford Flex. ... the change to a 20% wheat-straw plastic will reduce petroleum use by 20,000 pounds per year and CO2 emissions by 30,000 pounds per year. ... wheat straw itself is a byproduct of processing the grain."

" ... Ford says it will be using the biomaterial in other places and other vehicles in the future. ... in addition to Ford’s soy-based polyurethane seat cushions and headliners, seat fabrics made from post-industrial recycled yarn, and post-consumer recycled resins for underbody covers...."

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