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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

US Army - Power From Trash

A British defense firm, Qinetiq, has been awarded " ... a ... contract to supply the United States Army with a system that can generate electricity from garbage.  ...  Called PyTEC ... capable of consuming up to 220 lbs. of waste — which includes food, medical and sanitary, paper, plastics, tin, oil and glass — each hour.... also reclaims up to 500 kW of the thermal energy from the waste per hour, some of which is used to sustain the system itself. ... produces five times more energy than is used to power the system."

" ... works by heating mixed waste to high temperature in the pyrolisis tube ... releases combustible gases, which are stored and, later, burned to generate electricity ... differs from other systems because the heating takes place without oxygen, allowing it to handle untreated mixed waste."

" ... byproduct of the PyTEC system is a glassy waste product that is 5 percent of the volume of the original garbage."

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