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Friday, July 10, 2009

Biosphere Industries 100% Compostable / Recyclable Food Packaging

While shopping recently I found peppers packed in something other than a PS (#6) plastic foam tray. The paper-like trays were labeled as 100% compostable and 100% recyclable.

Biosphere Industries " ... Renew-a-Pak® and Blueware™ product lines are ... ultra earth friendly starch based packaging systems. We do not convert starch into plastic, but bake it... successfully optimized this ... technology to manufacture rigid packaging products that perform unlike anything else on earth."

" ... made primarily of starches such as tapioca and potatoes and a smaller percentage of grass fibers ... advanced technology used ... is a clean process - no harsh chemicals, no plastics used. Steam is the only by-product ... For towns and cities without composting facilities, Renew-a-Pak biodegradable packaging materials may also be disposed of in paper recycling streams."

Via: Biosphere Industries, LLC LINK

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