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Saturday, July 11, 2009

EcoForms™ Environmentally Friendly alternatives to Plastic Pots

Environmentally friendly gardeners are looking for alternatives to plastic planters. Plastic pots are made from petroleum, require significant energy to make and when no longer needed are usually thrown in the trash where they can take centuries to decompose.

Here is one alternative from Sweetwater Nursery ... their line of EcoForms™ pots.

" ... Sweetwater Nursery LLC is happy to introduce a smart alternative: EcoForms™... all-natural pots ... contain no wood or petroleum ingredients, do not deplete natural resources, and decompose in the landfill. ..."

" ... lasting five years under average conditions ... made from grain husks (primarily rice hulls) and natural binding agents (starch-based, water-soluble binders and biodegradable additives). ... all scraps are recycled in the production process, no materials are wasted. \

See the ABC News Video (sort of long but look for EcoForms towards the end) ...

Via: EcoForms LINK
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