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Friday, July 31, 2009

Ways to Green Your Kids

I found this interesting story about "greening your kids" on TakeApart ... " ... a new cause-related site designed to help you explore today’s issues and get involved ... with the right information and tools for action, individuals can—and will—make a difference. "

"Being green ... can be fun, even for kids ... extend your green lifestyle to include them by using everyday consumer choices as opportunities to educate them and build a sense of responsibility and empowerment..."

eneloop rechargeable batteryImage by liewcf via Flickr

There are 10 ideas on their site - here are 2 ...

Clothing ..." ... smaller companies pledged to human rights and environmental conservation. ... WeWe Clothing ... offers an alternative to clothing mass-produced at environmental cost ... "

Batteries ... "kids go through batteries ... Over 720 tons of household batteries are disposed of each year. Recycling and conservation keeps heavy metals out of landfills and prevents groundwater pollution ... use power adapters and travel chargers whenever possible ... consider rechargeable batteries ..."

Via: TakeApart LINK
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