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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fat Spaniel Technologies - Monitor and Track PV Solar Panels in Real Time

So you have decided to go green and install solar panels on the roof. How do you know that they are working - or specifically their efficiency and minute to minute generation. How do you anticipate problems before they happen? How do you really see what is happening with your PV solar system?

Do what Jay Leno (link to Jay Leno case study) did when he covered his garage with solar panels .. get Fat Spaniel!

" ... Fat Spaniel provides ... an industrial-grade, Software-as-a-Service renewable energy plant management system that enables plant operators to: ... Manage renewable energy plants in real-time ... Communicate and interact with mobile personnel ... Generate revenue utilizing back-end services for regulatory agency reporting, renewable energy certificate (REC) registration, and environmental reporting"

Fat Spaniel allows you to see, in real time ... "... total power generated by ... day, week, month, or year ... local irradiance, cell temperature, and ambient temperature ... avoided greenhouse gases (CO2, NOx and Sox) over the lifetime ..."

Via: Fat Spaniel Technologies LINK

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