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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Collingswood NJ to Recycle #3 (Vinyl) - #7 (other - typically non recyclable)

Location of Collingswood within Camden County:...Image via Wikipedia

Collingswood NJ has both a single stream recycling program for paper, glass and #1 and #2 plastics ... and ... also accepts plastics not normally recycled, #3 - #7 , at a separate location.

stream recycling means all recyclables can be put in once container ... paper, glass, and plastic.

" ... All types of paper and cardboard are acceptable and may be mixed togehter ... Cans, glass and plastics should be washed as clean as possible removing all lids and caps ...".

" ... pleased to announce the start of a new recycling program to recycle 3 - 7 plastics. ... recycle those yogurt containers and plastic grocery bags. Marking another green milestone, Collingswood is the first town in Camden County to give residents an opportunity to recycle plastics #3 through #7 and even un-numbered plastics. ... bring cleaned and dry items to the new plastics recycling dumpster ... drop off site is available at all times."

Collingswood.com LINK

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