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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Timberland Teams with Green Rubber™

Disposal of used tires is usually accomplished by dumping then in landfills as rubber is not easily recycled. It is estimated that there are over 7 billion discarded tires worldwide and approx. 1.2 billion more disposed every year.

" ... Timberland Company ... will launch ... footwear collections featuring outsoles made using recycled rubber from discarded tires ..."

" ... 1.2 billion tires being disposed in landfills every year ... Recognizing that rubber is a ... reusable resource, Timberland will be the first footwear manufacturer to commercialize Green Rubber technology ..."

Timberland is " ... committed to connecting successful commerce to environmental responsibility, ... great opportunity for us to share our commitment to sustainability with our customers."

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Timberland Teams with Green Rubber™ LINK

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