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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

GreenOps Tracking System - Recycling Program

" ...recycling program that combines the infrastructure of Waste Management, the GreenOps Tracking Symbol and Tracking Stations, on-line information at Greenopolis.com and Think Green Rewards. ... compliments curbside
recycling ..."

" ... starts with the GreenOps Tracking Symbol on product packaging and uses proprietary scanning technology at GreenOps Tracking Stations to recycle packaging and directly engage people through a registration process.

" ... receive a receipt indicating the number of items recycled and a deposit statement with a prize code redeemable for points at Greenopolis.com. ... provides a way for companies to engage their consumer through a direct message, on the Tracking Station or on the Tracking Station video screen. ... "

".. Tracking Stations are placed in high traffic, public areas that make them easy to identify and convenient to use. ... Target location include ... Supermarkets ... Museums, Galleries, Theaters ... Shopping Malls ..."

Via: GreenOps LINK
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