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Monday, July 6, 2009

Green Earth® Cleaning - Greener Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning has often been associated with perc - the common name for perchlorethylene - which can cause an odor on dry cleaned items and possible health concerns.

Looking to go GREEN manufacturers have developed alternate cleaning "solvents". One interesting product is made by GreenEarth Cleaning.

The " ... GreenEarth® cleaning process ... is better for the environment and your skin ... uses natural cleaning agents that don't harm the environment. ... Founded in 1999, ... is the world's largest solution provider for environment friendly dry cleaning."

" ... environmentally safe dry cleaning process that replaces petroleum-based solvents with liquid silicone, a gentle solution made from one of the earth's safest and most abundant natural resources: silica, or sand ... reduce emissions and control many of the risks associated with the use of petrochemical solvents."

Via: Green Earth Cleaning LINK

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