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Thursday, July 9, 2009

YouRenew - Sell and / or Recycle Old Electronic Gear

Eventually we are all accumulating piles of electronic waste (e-waste). Those on the 2 year cell phone plan get a new phone every 2 years ... and the old one goes in a drawer or in the trash ... same for the old VCR,MP3 player, etc.

There is a better way ... YouRenew.com " ... a mission to make the planet a better place ... taken away all the hassle associated with selling or recycling your old devices ... If you can't find your device in our catalogue or we can't pay for it, you can always ship it for free and we'll recycle it safely ..."

" ... you get a great price, ... we donate environmental efforts and programs with every transaction, ... ship your devices for free. "

Via: YouRenew.com LINK

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