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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Xerox - Cartridge Free Dry Inks

Laser and Ink Jet printers are great for producing quality prints - but they leave a significant waste. Most manufacturers now make it easy to return cartridges for refilling but providing pre-paid mailers. These used cartidges are then reconditioned into new product.

Some manufactures are going to dry or non cartridge inks. these typically have significantly less packaging and of course - no cartridge to deal with.

"Solid ink technology uses fewer material resources and less energy across the product lifecycle, ... solid ink waste is primarily a small amount of packaging, which can be recycled locally ... Cartridge-free solid ink is a true consumable, producing 90% less waste than comparable color laser devices. ... after printing 22,000 pages a month for 4 years, a solid ink product’s waste amounts to 88 lbs. vs. a whopping 815 lbs. of waste from a laser device.

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