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Sunday, July 5, 2009

EcoDepot Degradable Plant Pots - "plant and pot" are both Planted !

Most nursery plants come in plastic pots or "six packs" that are made with #5 (PP) or #6 (PS) - neither of which are as readily recyclable as #1 or #2 plastics.

If you garden a lot and plant annuals yearly you either accumulate or throw out lots of hard to recycle pots. (look for a post on where to recycle these in SouthEeatern Pa). I am lucky to have found a place to take #5 and #6 but for most people these pots end up landfill. Not a very green way to garden !!

Some garden stores, including chains like Home Depot, are now offering plants that have eco friendly compostable or biodegradable containers.

EcoPots makes theirs of
Coir. "EcoPotsTM are constructed of 100% Biodegradable Coir Fiber ... Benefits include ... Plant Directly in Ground ... Elimininates "Plastic Waste" ... Plants Utilize Natural Nutrients ... "

Via: ecodepotsales.com LINK

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