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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ocean Gate NJ to get Windmill

Map of Ocean Gate in Ocean CountyImage via Wikipedia

The tiny town of Ocean Gate, NJ (approx. 2,200 residents) is the site of the "... first small wind turbine project in New Jersey. ... started ... with one man ... Jim Fry vacationed in Ocean Gate ... and wanted to move here full time ... decided to build a "green" home ... After listening to Fry, the mayor and council warmed to the idea of energy from the wind and became the first town in the state to adopt an ordinance providing for the use of a small wind energy system. ... expects its wind turbines to be in operation by Labor Day weekend."

"...two 50-kilowatt turbines that will power the municipal office building and the water treatment plant took ... Ocean Gate will not have to buy some 224,000 kilowatts of electricity ... about 18 tons of carbon dioxide will not be released into the air...."

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